Why Hemp?

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Hemp is a super plant.

Hemp has countless benefits including its nutrition and durable fiber.

Ancient Fiber: Hemp has been grown by humans for the past 12,000 years at least.

Hemp can be grown just about anywhere on this beautiful planet.

Hemp requires minimal pesticides and herbicides whereas cotton requires a very chemically intensive process.

Hemp uses roughly 1/20th of the water that cotton requires.

Hemp has been banned in the US since the late 1930’s, Today people are bringing it home. Legalizing hemp will provide jobs and help reduce the environmental footprint of us humans.

About Hempsmith

Hempsmith is a mission driven sustainable hemp clothing company. Devoted to our mission to spread the love of hemp and freshness around the country.

Currently our shirts are made just outside the beautiful rural city of Tai’an in China.  Employees work from eight to five with a one hour lunch break with no over time.

We are currently involved in the legalization of hemp in North Carolina and will source from home as soon as possible.

Please check out the work of one of our partners. A wonderful documentary on the movement for Industrial Hemp.


All of our product is 100% organic!

A company of integrity


The people of Hempsmith are determined to provide organic, wholesome shirts to the people of the world. As a mission driven business, we strive to supply the highest quality of product while also supporting the legalization of Hemp in the US. We are on a mission to bring hemp back to the people. We encourage you to support our cause by representing the freshest of clothing.